If you’re anxious or depressed and struggling during this Covid-19 crisis, I recommend teletherapy and video-counseling. It works just as normal therapy sessions do, but we talk remotely, on a video platform, instead of in my office. It’s easy and effective — and helping many of my clients right now. Contact me if you want to try it out.

Therapy helps you regain equilibrium, sort out issues, and make changes, so that you can move forward to a better life. Most of my clients are professionals who want to get better at love, work, family, happiness.

I’ve had good success with all kinds of people, men and women. This includes executives in high-responsibility careers, creative artists, men uncomfortable with the idea of therapy, women who think they would benefit from a male therapist, and struggling teens.

If you would like to schedule an initial free consultation, or have any questions,  contact me and I’ll be happy to respond.

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About Me

I’m a licensed therapist and my private practice is in Manhattan Beach, open weekdays and Sundays. I’ve helped many people in the South Bay and Beach Cities.

It’s a diverse practice, composed mainly of professionals interested to work through trouble spots or address some aspect of themselves they wish to change. Common themes are: anxiety; depression; relationship trouble; childhood formations impeding happiness; persistent anger, sadness, fear or detachment; addiction; self-esteem; and yearnings for personal growth.

I view therapy as a safe haven and growth platform. It’s a place to explore feelings, organize thoughts, process connections, and cultivate new parts of yourself. People often start out unsure of the benefits of therapy — they’re giving it a try because they’ve already tried everything else. Gradually this changes and they wish they’d come in sooner.

Personally, I’m not at all judgmental, welcome all moods, and appreciate humor and laughter.

I have a background as a college professor. I’ve lived and traveled extensively abroad, with roots in D.C. and northern California (see the hills of Mount Tamilpais in the background). I know from years of experience that people have the ability to change and grow.

You can link to My Background for more detail.

Feel free to give me a call at 424-248-7288 or send me an email at geoff.gershenson@gmail.com.

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