Individual Therapy

“Individual therapy” is quite simply therapy for a single individual, which means that I typically work with you alone, with the focus on your needs, issues, and goals.

Sessions usually last for 50 minutes, and typically once or twice a week, though this can vary.  The duration of therapy can be for just a few sessions, or a few months, or longer and ongoing.  Much depends on the kinds of problems you are experiencing, and the kind of help you desire.

It might help to spell out how it works logistically: I greet you in the waiting room, we go back to my office, we sit down, we talk for 50 minutes, we say goodbye, and then we repeat this experience the following session.

My first goal is to make therapy an emotionally safe space so that you can talk freely about what’s on your mind.  I’m not a distant therapist who looks at you without expression; I show my interest and curiosity, and I relate to you. We discuss the issues you put forth, at the pace you dictate.  Throughout, I am very present, and listen actively.  I work off of what you say, respond to it in some way, and when appropriate I deepen or widen the conversation in ways that can help you.  This allows you to go to new places, in a safe space that permits you to make sense of things, explore them, and work through them.

There is no single trajectory in therapy, since everyone is different.  Generally we start by assessing what is going on with you, where you’ve been, and what you want.  Then we explore issues as they come to the fore.  Often we will begin with a focus on one problem or issue, then as you feel comfortable you may start to gradually expand the range of things you wish to discuss.  This usually deepens the work and facilitates change and growth.

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