I’m a licensed psychotherapist, and the general service I offer is psychotherapy, which is talk therapy to enhance emotional and psychological well-being and relationships.

You may wonder how mere talking can change things, but the latest neuroscientific research clearly shows that it can, and does.  Here’s what we’ve discovered: talking in therapy actually changes your brain.  Through new techniques in scientific brain imaging, we’ve discovered that talking (and listening) alters neural networks, rewiring them in new ways.  Of course, when you talk about the same old things, and think in the same old ways, you don’t alter your neural networks very much.  But when you begin to talk and think differently, and keep doing it, steadily and regularly, you start to rewire your brain in significant ways.  Neuroscientists call this rewiring or remolding of the brain “neuroplasticity.”  So, to be clear: talking in therapy is never ‘mere talk.’  When you come to therapy and we talk about meaningful things in a certain way, we begin to rewire your brain in relation to those things.

My expertise is in knowing how to do this — knowing what to talk about with you, when, and how — so that change can occur. 

I specialize in psychodynamic therapy, which I believe to be the most powerful mode for rewiring neural networks and generating change.  Psychodynamic therapy (sometimes also called “psychoanalytic psychotherapy”) is itself a broad category with lots of variation within it, but the core idea is a focus on emotional dynamics and patterns, how they’ve unfolded over time, how they show up in different relationships, and how they shape thoughts and behaviors.

I’m a bilingual therapist, and though my first language is English, I also provide therapy in Spanish.  I mostly work with individuals, but as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have expertise working with couples and families as well.  I offer some weekend and evening hours as well as regular weekday hours.

Below I offer further details about the two primary services I offer, individual therapy and couples therapy.

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